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Chisholm Trail Winery Group Policy

We love being able to share our wines with our guests and want to make everyone’s visit as enjoyable as possible.  As such, we expect all of our customers to drink responsibly and with respect to our establishment and others.  We rarely have any problems, but we ask that groups keep in mind the following policies when planning a visit to Chisholm Trail Winery:

  • In order to accommodate your group of 10-16, you must notify us at least 48 hours in advance to let us know you’re coming and to provide us with an approximate arrival time.  The group must also provide a contact name and phone number. For groups larger than 16, you must contact us at info@chisholmtrailwinery.com or call us at 830-990-2675 at least one week prior to your visit to check availability and to make arrangements.    
  • In Texas, public intoxication is a crime, not just operating a vehicle while under the influence. If we believe a customer is inebriated or at risk of becoming inebriated, whether they are driving or not, we will stop service to them and ask them to leave (this is consistent with the TABC requirements and best practices).
  • If an individual or group arrives at the winery in a compromised state they will not be allowed to enter.
  • Per TABC regulations, no alcohol may be brought in or consumed on the premises other than Chisholm Trail wine.
  • If an individual or groups behavior is detracting (loud, crass, obnoxious) to other customers or inappropriate with our staff, we will ask you to leave.