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The Stories

Consecutive Stories

Desperado – Red Table Wine

Everybody knew that Lil was his girl and that she did not want to be with the Sheriff. When he went to call on her, he found Lil struggling to free herself from the Sheriff’s embrace. He grabbed the Sheriff, but the Sheriff pulled his gun. It was a reflex reaction by Lil, but in the next second the Sheriff was dead. He would not let Lil take the blame so he was wanted and on the run.

Lil’s Red Satin – Cabernet Sauvignon

Lil was remorseful about John taking the blame for her killing the Sheriff. She begged him not to, but he was a stubborn and gallant man. With the love of her life gone and no hope of his return from his life as a Desperado, she turned to a wealthy railroad tycoon for comfort. She did really love the lavish gifts he bestowed upon her. Her favorite was red satin.

Silver Spur – Cabernet Sauvignon

It arrived by Pony Express wrapped in brown paper but without a return address. Her hands trembled as she held the Silver Spur. She knew it to be John’s. Lil did not regret killing the Sheriff,but living without her beloved John was punishment enough. What signal was John sending her? Clutching the Spur, joy filled her heart when she realized that the Desperado was still alive, free, and making a new life somewhere so that they could be together again.

Velvet Lady – Zinfandel

As she was getting dressed for the evening in her velvet gown, Eve, a lady of soft but striking features, was confident she would turn every head in the place when she descended the staircase of her saloon. It was unfortunate that she had to move to this border town from the finishing school in California to claim ownership of the saloon after her father was killed in a duel. Eve seldom gave any one man much of her time. She did have interest in one; perhaps because he was dark, silent, elusive and , of course, handsome. He was always polite, but didn’t have much to say. he was known only as john and Eve had notice that he always made a quick exit when a lawman or bounty hunter came through the door. There was a rumor that he was in some sort of trouble because of a woman named Lil and that he had to leave this town because of her. She could tell he was still in love with this Lil, but Lil was far away and she was here. Very soon, she vowed, he would be hers.

Showdown – Cabernet Sauvignon

Eve thought John, aka The Desperado, was hers. It was no secret that he enjoyed her shameless flirtations and her attending his every desire at her saloon. So, it was only natural that what she overheard that day at the telegraph office made her blood boil with rage. John had sent for the woman he had once told her about – the one who was the reason he was wanted by the law. Her name was Lil and she was to arrive by stagecoach within the week. When this Lil arrived, Eve would be ready and waiting for the right time to act. But how would she get rid of Lil? Eve was no stranger to pistols and actually a very good marks woman. After all, that was how she kept the peace at her establishment. Eve paused a moment from her conniving to wonder if Lil knew about her and John If she knew, what plans did she have for Eve?

Twilight Ride

As a Texas Ranger, it was not the first time he had tracked a desperado wanted dead or alive.  When a trail is this cold, the best plan is to locate the last known girlfriend of the target in the hope that there will be some clue. That was no problem this time and his timing was perfect.  He had spotted Lil leaving the telegraph office and heading straight for the stagecoach ticket office.  A little subtle inquiry put him on this road to a little known border town well ahead of the next stagecoach.  It was getting late in the day and he should have already made his camp for the night.  He just could not resist the temptation of a twilight ride- the cool breeze, the sounds of the wild, the sweet aroma of wildflowers in the air, and the first bright stars in the night sky.

Captured- Dry Rosè

Lil was overjoyed that her love, John, the Desperado, had finally sent for her and she knew she had to be sly and careful not to be followed  Veiled through her lace parasol, she had spotted a Pinkerton man as she boarded the stagecoach and was alarmed.  It was a long journey, rough, rocky and tiring.  She had withdrawn into her own thoughts when she was started by the fast halt of the coach and the sound of gunfire.  Quickly looking around she saw all four masked men who were holding the drivers at gunpoint and ordering the passengers out of the coach.  They quickly snatched the valuables of the passengers but left her alone and then in one quick movement she was on horseback in full gallop holding on and fearing for her life.  Then she heard him say, “John’s orders, hang on.”  Celebrate the surprises of the Old West and surrender to being captured by this delightfully, flavorful rosè.


Other Stories

Almagres – Lenoir Dessert Wine

The Apache Indians knew of its existence first and led the Spanish explorers to Los Almagres in 1753, a mine rumored to be rich with gold and silver located in what is now Llano County, Texas. Because of Indian attacks on the expeditions, the exact location of this mine was lost. Legendary men such as Stephen F. Austin and Jim Bowie spoke of the mine and hopeful cowboys searched for it. But was it at Packsaddle Mountain or the Riley Mountains or maybe somewhere else waiting to be rediscovered?

Madam Merlot – Merlot

She was a young French immigrant tired of the ways of the Old World. She had dared to come to the West in search of a life where she could do as she chose. Her beauty had opened doors in the is New World even though this was a different life then she had imagined. Many times she still felt like an exotic bird held in a golden cage. Yes, it looked as if she had everything she wanted, but she would have to escape again to achieve the dangerous and thrilling life she knew could be hers. All she needed was the courage to buy the train ticket and leave her life of luxury, but for now she would reflect on this some more while she readied herself to dine with the man some called Diablo.

Diablo – Syrah Lenoir

Dashing and flamboyant as he rode into town dressed in long, black suede, he easily stole the hearts of the ladies. His hidden intent was to fool the ladies while making the town his own. Little did the townspeople know that the devil had arrived and havoc would soon follow. How deceptive he was with rugged good looks, blue eyes and easy humor. All the while, hiding his dark and evil nature until he felt comfortable that his goal was near.

Lone Wolf – Lenoir

The agile and keen lone wolf and the rugged cowboy both used their adept skills to hunt and survive every day, both preferring to live alone in the wilderness. There is a certain freedom to that, but only similar souls would understand. Sensing a presence, their eyes locked with knowing looks of mutual admiration, both fighting the gnawing loneliness that weleed up in the moment. It was the price they willingly paid for their life without boundaries. These kindred spirits, each with no fear of the other, nodded in acknowledgement that, for at least now, there was no threat in the air.

Kiss Ass Blush – Sweet Table Wine

Everybody has to do it sometime. When we released our first blush, it was named Jackass and done tongue-in-cheek because the winemaker had been so upset with the stubbornness of the wine. But it did so well, we are now kissing our Jackass. In keeping with our tradition of on-going stories on different releases, Kiss Ass Blush seemed appropriate.

Smart Ass Blush – Sweet Table Wine

There is one in every crowd. Whether it is the spring-butt with all the right answers in the halls of higher education or the friend that just will not let you forget your silly blunders; they are there to rib you, be a thorn in your side or just make your life a little harder. Your revenge, of course, is to declare each otf these people a smart ass; out loud, if possible. You can now also visualize this label with their face in the center.

Bad Ass Blush- Sweet Table Wine

The winery mascots are Jack and Daisy who are miniature Bethlehem donkeys.  They were raised by children and are very friendly, especially if there is a food handout.  They can even be hams at times to the delight of visitors to the winery.  They are also sneaky little rascals when it comes to breaking into the fenced area where the grapevines grow for a tasty treat of grapes and grape leaves.  Those little bad asses know they are not supposed to do that and when they are caught red handed comically scurry out with a little kick to the fact that their party has ended.  Celebrate the little banditos of the Old West with this sweet and flavorful blush.

The Yellow Parasol – Blanc Du Bois – Dessert Wine

The yellow parasol was her favorite. When she was feeling a bit down, all she needed to do was to open the beautiful parasol and take a stroll. The experience created the relaxed feeling of a Sunday afternoon in springtime. It would lighten her spirits and put a skip in her step every time.

Ghost Rider – Sweet Red Table Wine

Those who have seen him say that he only rides when the full moon rises. Sometimes they say, you can only sense his presence. Never will we know what twist of fate causes his spirit to ride for an eternity.

Belle Star – Blanc Du Bois

She understood, but never accepted, the fact that her beloved husband was accidentally shot and killed by a Sheriff’s posse. Her huge ranch became a safe refuge for those wanted by the law but only if she thinks they have been misjudged. Her beguiling smile enchants the lawmen who depart her ranch certain the desperadoes are long gone. No one stops to ponder how such a refined, gentle, and delicate woman runs her ranch so smoothly.

Stella Rose – Pinot Noir/Barbera/Syrah/Chenin Blanc

Stella was no ordinary saloon girl. The cowpokes, mesmerized by her beauty, were totally devoted to her. Many wooed the flamboyant and willful Stella, but none could ever tame the sassy and colorful attributes she held dear.

Trail Riders – Lenoir/Cabernet Sauvignon/Mission

After a long day’s round-ups, the trail riders are heading for the campfire where they will share their adventures of the day and their dreams for tomorrow.

High Noon II – Blanc Du Bois

The Sheriff awaited high noon when the outlaws had boasted they would gun him down. Confident that he was right and that victory would be his, the Sheriff stood bravely alone against all odds.